我想知道 你是否知道如何融於生命的熔岩, 向你心深處的渴望墜入
我想知道 你是否願意日復一日地活著, 接受愛的結果以及那失敗熱情的苦澀

我曾聽說, 在那樣熱烈的擁抱中,即使是天人也訴說著神聖
– 詩人David Whyte (翻譯  by Rachel)

I want to know if you know how to melt into that fierce heat of living,
falling toward the center of your longing.
I want to know if you are willing to live, day by day, with the consequence of love
and the bitter unwanted passion of your sure defeat.

I have heard, in that fierce embrace, even the gods speak of God. – David Whyte, ”Self-Portrait”



作家 Joan Didion 說 “我寫作是為了瞭解我在思索什麼 "I write to find out what i think.
我說也許我們“動”是為了發現我在感受什麼Perhaps we move to find out how feel. -Rachel

人類的語言機能是由大腦裡管控身體移動的機能演進出來的 這個大腦科學的發現突顯我們獨特的表達能力 但也許不只是能力 藉由語言和身體“動“來表達是我們的本能需求

In humans, the speech pathway evolves out of the pathway that controls body movement. This discovery in neuroscience accentuates our unique ability and perhaps “need” to express through both.

對”動”的熱愛開始的很早也從未停止過:運動的興奮, 爬樹的快樂, 舞蹈時的美感和喜悅, 爬山感受的寧靜, 瑜伽的深層感知 ...

The love for moving started young and never stops: the thrill of playing sports, the happiness of climbing trees, the beauty and joy of dancing, the quietitude of hiking up a mountain, the intense immersion in the sensations of Yoga …

二十多年的練習引導我深度探索“動”系統/科學的不同層次 – 生化, 解剖學/筋膜學,不同教學模式 其他“動”系統.  每日的練習漸漸地建築一個時空膠囊 每當我身心準備好 就進入這個膠囊

20+ years of practicing led me to explore wider and deeper into layers of movement – the biomechanics, anatomy and fascia, different style of teaching and other modalities of movement. There is a time-space capsule built by each practice. It is there whenever I show up, body and mind.

身體內在想要深入探索“動”的念頭是一個火苗, 日復一日以在那個特殊的時空膠囊裡不間斷的練習作為燃料. 每個練習有一條線連結著 是氣息 是生命.  

當我以”動”表達和 感受“動”觸發的每一絲的感覺,  逐漸地那需要言語敘述的迫切 慢慢地溶化, 慢慢地蒸發. 完整而無保留的去品嚐一個個感受是一個釐清的過程 引領我們抵達一種清晰 輕盈 喜悅, 有時清淡 有時濃烈, 儘管那個感受的原始並不是愉悅.

The impulse to continue to delve deeper into movement practice is a fire, tending by the commitment to move and experiment.

Over time, I realized that there is a thread through time. Daily I step into the capsule of time and space to digest what I felt.  When I move to express, to feel the sensations, the need of spoken language drops away. What is felt fully can turn to joy, a sense of lightness. Even when the original form was anything but joy. 



下雨, 手沖咖啡, 我的小狗 Molly, 頭/手倒立, 下雪, 落基山, 梵文語言, 用心, 善良,  反思, 藍莓 酪梨, Gaṇeśa, Śiva, 上背背彎, Miles Davies, 大樹, 認真, 冷水淋浴

What I love the most:  Rain, Drip coffee, Molly my dog, being upside down (headstand/handstand/forearm stand), snow, Rocky mountains, Sanskrit language, thoughtfulness, kindness, reflectiveness, blueberries, avocado, Gaṇeśa, Śiva, upper back backbend, Miles Davies, trees, commitment. cold shower




每天早晨我任然帶著期待的心情踏上墊子 在這裡是所有美好真摯的起源.
I have not stopped look forward to getting on the mat every day. It is where everything good germinates.

I hope to mee you on the mat.






圓神方智 2012
《動,找回身體的快樂 》
動,不只是為了健康、瘦身或鍛鍊肌力,更是開啟身心覺知與豐富感受的起點。 12個結合筋膜、呼吸與感知的練習,讓你打開身心的結,以動療癒身心,重新找到與身體自由、毫無疼痛的喜悅關係。


  • 資深指導師, 擁有美國瑜珈聯盟(Yoga Alliance)註冊 E-RYT 500小時教學時數與持續進修的最高資格認證老師,近年將筋膜學及身心學Somatics觀念融入教學,以“動”教育/矯正/訓練移動模式,整合古典瑜伽精髓及現代“動”科學最新發展
  • E-RYT 500小時的老師教授超過30屆國際認證師資訓練課程, 包括瑜伽哲學, 阿育吠陀, 哈達瑜珈體位法/調息法, 梵文初/中/進階 (文法/背誦), 禪坐思想和修習
  • 紐西蘭 Wellpark 自然療法學院阿育吠陀 Lifestyle Management 和瑜伽雙證書, 專研營養飲食 並在印度阿育吠陀草藥研究中心研究實習, 有多年健康顧問經驗
  • 持續相關領域精進及訓練, 包括解剖學、筋膜學(美國「解剖列車」系統)、身心學治療, 禪坐內觀靜修
  • 瑜伽體位法教課重心為脊椎, 關節與骨盆正位練習, 問題區域全方位伸展以及與呼吸調節結合, 任教地點包括香港、台灣 、倫敦、東南亞
  • 英國倫敦大學東方及非洲研究學院宗教思想系碩士, 研究主題為瑜伽和禪修傳統.持續鑽研梵文經典, 梵頌及靜坐禪修15年
  • 著有《瑜伽,遇見真我的進行式》(圓神方智 2012)及 『動,找回身體的快樂 - 結合呼吸,經膜釋放與感知的練習 打開身心的結,進行覺知之旅』(時報出版2017)

Rachel is a senior teacher of alignment-based and therapeutic yoga. She is a registered Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 Hrs teacher, the highest qualification by way of teaching hours and ongoing education/training. She has taught in Hong Kong, Taiwan, London, Thailand, Nepal and Amsterdam.
She has taught on 30+ international Yoga Alliance certified training courses. Her areas of expertise include posture and breath practices, philosophy and history of the yoga tradition, Sanskrit (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels), sitting and meditative discipline.
Rachel is a consultant of Ayuvedic nutrition, holistic health and teaches Ayurvedic workshop and holds retreat. She has qualifications in both Ayurveda and Yoga from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in New Zealand and has done extensive internship in the Ayurvedic Herbal Research Center in Vrindaban, India.
She continues to advance her knowledge in the body movement science by undertaking study in anatomy, myofascia (“Anatomy Trains” system) and Somatics.
Rachel holds an Master degree of the program of Traditions of Yoga and Meditation from The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) of University of London, UK (2013).  
She has been engaged in the study of Sanskritic texts and the meditative practice for 14 years. She is the author of these two books published in Chinese in Taiwan - “Yoga, the Process of  Meeting the Self” (Booklife Publishing, 2012) and “Ode to Sensation: Connecting the Connected. Fascia, Sensations and Experience” (Reading Times, 2017)